• Omni-channel retailing delivers the retail shopping experience through both physical (showrooming) and online channels (web-rooming)


    • Physical stores serve as showrooms for customers to browse and operate items on display


    • Customers also have the option to conduct their research on the product online and can either make direct purchases online or make trips to the physical outlets to test out products before purchasing


  • Omni-channel retailing offers the convenience of being available at any point in time to retail customers. It is about delivering a highly interactive, personalised brand experience where the customers are reached through all possible touch points and channels

There is a trend for pure e-commerce firms to move into omni-channel retailing. This is particularly for sub sectors where customers still prefer to experience the products itself (i.e. fashion, furniture etc.).


  • Retailers need to ensure the customer experience remains seamless and consistent throughout the customer lifecycle, regardless of channel or device
  • It is important to better understand customer segments and select the right channels as customers choose their touch points with the retailer. This is to ensure that the customer experience resonates well with the target segment
  • Retailers need to understand the different channels and how they can better use these to target specific customer groups

relevant sub-sectors

Consumer Electronics

Department Stores

Fashion & Sporting Goods

Furniture & Household

Supermarkets & Convenience Stores

Jewellery & Timepieces

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