Co-Creation Model

Case study 2: SHOES OF PREY


Shoes of Prey is a global retail brand offering customers the ability to design their own shoes online. The company offers custom-made shoes which are individually crafted at non-luxury prices. Shoes are made out of meticulously handpicked materials, colours and textures to cater for the best possible customer experience.


Wide variety of customisation options

  • Customers first select a base shoe design from the 12 shoe templates ranging from sneakers to stilettos

  • Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of 19 materials and over 30 colours such as metallic leather, pony hair and soft suede

  • Customers are involved in every step of the shoe crafting process; every shoe component from heel heights to strap styles are customer-designed

3D Designer tool

  • The online site’s 3D tool enables customers to visualise their designs at multiple angles

  • Material and colour suggestions are also offered based on previous selections
Source:  You Can Now Get 3D-Printed Designer Furniture That Won’t Break The Bank – Print The Future, 2017
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