Co-Creation Model

Case study 1: Print the future


  • Print The Future is a 3D printing company that leverages Artificial Intelligence design technology with 3D printers, to allow ideas to be printed on demand.
  • Designers are given membership access to large-scale 3D printing technologies to turn their ideas into ready-to-sell products.
  • In March 2017, the company opened a pop-up shop in New York City showcasing 3D printed furniture and visitors were able to observe the printing of products onsite which proves the case that the technology is a viable way to produce customised and useful products.
  • Print The Future is still in its funding phase and plans to open its first brick-and-mortar store in Vancouver and four more North American stores within the next year.


In-store collaboration

  • In stores, customers are able to discuss and co-design their 3D ideas, watch their ideas materialise and collect their items upon completion

Use of enabling technologies

  • The pop-up store included a BigRep 3D printer, which prints objects in sizes over a cubic meter

  • The printer’s open format allows users and customers to monitor their items as they are being printed

  • Products are made from 100% recyclable materials and printers use the exact amount of material required

Extensive designer networks

  • Leverages existing marketplace on Kabuni, a marketplace which connects interior designers with customers

  • Designers who contribute pieces to the marketplace will earn royalties whenever customers order and print their designs

Source:  You Can Now Get 3D-Printed Designer Furniture That Won’t Break The Bank – Print The Future, 2017

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