Co-Creation MODEL


  • Customers are involved in the creation process of products, providing flexibility in selection and customisation

  • This model may leverage mass customisation, typically by offering a variety of modules to be added to a core component of the product. Customers select modules and respective variations (e.g. colour) that collectively form the end product

  • 3D printing technologies may also be adopted for this model, in which 3D models can be printed on-demand as a visual mock-up or prototype, or as the end product itself


  • Retailers need to balance production costs and economies of scale with the amount of customisation that is allowed
  • Important for retailers to develop a robust product returns policy
  • 3D printing enables reduction in time required for strategy and product design, allowing retailers to respond faster to consumer feedback and trends


  • As 3D printing eases the imitation of products, retailers may need to be mindful of infringing intellectual property rights of others, and protecting that of their own

relevant sub-sectors

Consumer Electronics

Jewellery & Timepieces

Fashion & Sporting Goods

Furniture & Household

For the Jewellery & Timepieces sub-sector, current models exist for timepieces; however, this is not yet prevalent for jewellery.

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