Diagnose: Step 4

Step 4A: Pre-fitted Solutions

Pre-fitted solutions


  • Quick & easy job redesign implementation based on a problem-based approach

  • Identify quick-wins through implementing readily available solutions based on an identified problem area and business needs


  • Select a readily available suite of pre-fitted solutions according to solution categories of inventory management, in-store experience, customer service, delivery management, and warehouse optimisation
  • Entails both technology and non-technology solutions

Relevant Data

  • Cost projections

  • Technology disruptions

  • Manpower projection
Inventory Management
  • Handheld Scanners 
  • RFID tagging 
  • Smart shelves 
  • Data-driven inventory reordering 
  • Inventory replenishment process
  • Inventory segregation 
  • Storeroom reorganisation
In-Store Experience
  • Digital receipts
  • Electronic shelf labelling
  • Mobile Payment
  • Product location mapping 
  • Queueing sensors
  • Visual search
Customer Service
  • Automated SMS system 
  • Chatbots
  • Job task specification
Delivery Management
  • Digital delivery orders
  • Real-time delivery optimisation 
  • Zone allocation for deliveries
Warehouse Optimisation
  • Warehouse / storeroom shelf-labelling 
  • Warehouse walking pathway optimisation

Click here for a suite of readily available solutions based on business needs.

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