Job Redesign Framework

Learn how to conduct Job Redesign by walking through the Job Redesign (JR) Framework. The JR Framework is designed to guide retailers through a series of steps so that they will be able to identify and target the areas where their businesses need help with.

Through 2 types of implementation plans:
1) 3-step process (Job Redesign process) and/or
2) Pre-fitted solutions (i.e. quick fixes),
retailers will be able to break down what their business actually needs, formulate JR prototypes for business processes, and finally, make the necessary implementation of solutions while measuring the results of the implementation work.

Pre-fitted Solutions

  • Quick & easy job redesign implementation based on a problem-based approach

  • Identify quick-wins through implementing a localised job redesign effort (i.e. within functions & jobs)

3-Step Process

Easy-to-implement 3-step process

  • Step 1: Diagnose
  • Step 2: Design
  • Step 3: Implement
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