Implement: Step 10

Step 10: Re-skill / Review HR Policies



  • Provide skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling opportunities to potential job holders impacted by the newly redesigned job

  • Identify generic & technical skills including required proficiency levels, knowledge & ability items


  • Re-assess job holders’ skills, knowledge & ability items to identify the skill gap

  • Identify emerging skills required in adapting to the sector’s on-going rapid transformation

Relevant Data

  • Skill gap identification

  • Suitable learning technique and timeline for each skill gap

Review Hr Policies


  • Review HR policies to support the newly redesigned jobs


  • Build retail workforce capabilities through proactive and deliberate talent management strategies in light of newly redesign jobs:
    • Articulate a career philosophy that supports strategic goals
    • Align new jobs within related functional areas as well as identify competencies and accountabilities across the organisation
    • Define skills, knowledge & ability items necessary for career progression
    • Identify flexible career paths
    • Empower managers to support employees through effective performance management conversations

Relevant Data

  • HR programmes across all relevant HR programme areas

Job Redesign involves an effort to review job responsibilities and taskseven re-allocation of staffto improve output. It is thus critical to review HR programmes in the process of Job Redesign to ensure that businesses are getting the results they are looking for. If not, it is important to re-look into new ways and perspectives to doing things. Below are 5 key HR programmes that will help shape the development of your business when implemented and followed through correctly.

Recruitment and Selection

  • Create job role profile for redesigned jobs

Compensation and Benefits

  • Review pay competitiveness for redesigned jobs

Performance Management

  • Goal setting for redesigned job
  • Performance coaching
  • Performance appraisal process

Career Management

  • Map career pathways for redesigned jobs

Training and Development

  • Conduct training and development to close competency gaps
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